Bobb names Haaland the best player in the world.

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Manchester City midfielder Oscar Bobb has praised Met Erling Braut Haaland, who scored the winning goal in yesterday’s 1-0 win over Brentford, as one of the best players. of the world, even though he was a few years older than him He was also impressed by his first professional appearance in the English Premier League.

Haaland has scored 17 goals in the league, becoming the leading scorer, two goals ahead of Mohamed Salah of Liverpool, while in total he has scored 22 goals in all competitions. This is the best of the Norwegian junior. The same people must be amazed.

“He’s the best player in the world,” Oscar said after the game at the Etihad Stadium. 

“He’s only three years older than me but it’s crazy to be next to one of the best.” 

“Last night I met a very good opponent. And we created so many scoring chances that every time it was a score. I have to give it to my tough competitor as well.”  

“It’s great to be playing in the English Premier League, it’s another step in my career. I am happy that the team won.”

“With a team that has experience competing for championships before. I probably won’t be able to develop myself to be better than this. When you have a group of players with that much quality and great mentality.”  ยูฟ่าเบท

Before becoming a starter, Bob had already been a substitute for 7 league games , so when he got the chance to compete in his first line-up, he almost succeeded in breaking the net but was blocked by Ben Mee from the line.