Guardiola Psycho wants to see three horses compete for the league title.

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Josep Guardiola manager of Manchester City, who completed his duties defeating Brentford 1-0 yesterday, threw pressure on Liverpool and Arsenal, rivals competing for the Premier League title. The English league continues to crush each other until the end. Don’t leave anyone behind.

After 25 matchdays, all 3 teams are the same. Liverpool are still the leader with 57 points, followed by Manchester City and Arsenal, 1 point, 2 points less than ‘The Gunners’, respectively. 

Throughout 13 matchdays, with 39 points left to collect, there can still be many twists and turns. Therefore, the experienced coach will put pressure on the opponent to not be in a hurry to stumble. Let’s crush each other until the finish line. 

“There’s still a long way to go. There are many more games to play. Of course, it’s better to be the winner than we missed the chance to draw with Chelsea (1-1)”, the opening of the mouth through ‘UFABET’

“I am very proud of our team. He’s already at the head of the pack. At the juncture of the season Difficult games have come in this period, City must face as well.”  สมัคร ufabet

“I think there are 3 teams competing for the championship and there might be more next week. I don’t know either. What is certain is that we are confident that Arsenal and Liverpool will push us to the end.” Guardiola said